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PN PoongNyun

PN Commercial Gas Rice Cooker 55 Cups

PN Commercial Gas Rice Cooker 55 Cups

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Introducing the PN Commercial Gas Rice Cooker - a culinary workhorse designed for high-capacity rice preparation in commercial settings. Built with precision and durability, this gas-powered rice cooker is engineered to meet the demands of busy kitchens, delivering large quantities of perfectly cooked rice with efficiency and consistency. Elevate your commercial kitchen operations with the PN Commercial Gas Rice Cooker - where reliability and performance come together.

Key Features:

  1. High-Capacity Cooking:

    • With a generous capacity of 55 cups, the PN Commercial Gas Rice Cooker is tailored for high-volume rice preparation, making it an ideal solution for restaurants, catering services, and other commercial establishments.
  2. Gas-Powered Efficiency:

    • Harness the power of gas for efficient and rapid cooking. The gas heating mechanism ensures quick heating and precise temperature control, allowing for faster turnaround times in a busy kitchen environment.
  3. Durable Construction:

    • Built to withstand the demands of commercial kitchens, this rice cooker features a robust and durable construction. It is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliable performance, even with frequent use.
  4. Automatic Cooking and Keep-Warm Functions:

    • Streamline your kitchen operations with the automatic cooking and keep-warm functions. Once the rice is cooked to perfection, the cooker seamlessly transitions to a keep-warm mode, ensuring that your rice stays ready to serve.


SKU: PNGC-6000(E)
EAN: 8805353 200181


PACKAGE SIZE: 22.5 x 22 x 18 in

MATERIAL: Aluminum
CAPACITY: 24L / 55 Servings

ORIGIN: South Korea

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