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PN Stainless Steel IH Stock Pot 28cm

PN Stainless Steel IH Stock Pot 28cm

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Introducing the PN Stainless Steel IH Stock Pot, a culinary essential designed to elevate your cooking experience. Crafted with precision and built for durability, this stock pot is a versatile addition to your kitchen, suitable for a range of culinary creations. Immerse yourself in the art of cooking with the PN Stainless Steel IH Stock Pot, where quality meets functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Stainless Steel Construction:

    • Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this stock pot ensures durability, longevity, and resistance to corrosion. Invest in cookware that stands the test of time, providing a reliable kitchen companion.
  2. Ideal 28cm Size:

    • With a generous 28cm/30cm diameter, this stock pot offers ample capacity for preparing large batches of soups, stews, stocks, and more. Perfect for family gatherings or entertaining guests with your culinary creations.
  3. Induction Heating Compatibility (IH):

    • The stock pot is compatible with induction heating technology, providing rapid and precise heat control. Enjoy efficient cooking with a pot that adapts to various heat sources for versatile meal preparation.
  4. Sturdy and Ergonomic Handles:

    • The pot is equipped with sturdy and ergonomic handles, providing a comfortable grip for easy lifting and pouring. The handles stay cool on the stovetop, ensuring safe and convenient handling during cooking.
  5. Encapsulated Bottom for Even Heating:

    • The encapsulated bottom design ensures even heat distribution throughout the pot. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked dishes, and experience consistent results with every use.
  6. Tempered Glass Lid for Monitoring:

    • The stock pot comes with a tempered glass lid, allowing you to monitor the cooking process without lifting the cover. This feature helps retain heat and flavors while providing a clear view of your culinary creations.
  7. Versatile Cooking Applications:

    • From simmering hearty soups to preparing flavorful stocks and large-batch recipes, this stock pot accommodates a wide range of cooking styles. Experiment with diverse culinary creations using a pot designed for versatility.


SKU: PN177995
EAN: 8805353 177995


Package Size (in): 15 x 12 x 7
Package Weight (lbs): 4.4


MATERIAL: Stainless steel

Variant information: 

PN177995 PN164612
POT DIAMETER (cm) 28 30
EAN 8805353 177995 8805353 164612
Package Size (in) 15 x 12 x 7 15 x 13.5 x 8.5
Package Weight (lbs) 4.4 5
MATERIAL Stainless Steel
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