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Nice Caddie

Nice Caddie Golf Laser Rangefinder (NCW5)

Nice Caddie Golf Laser Rangefinder (NCW5)

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Introducing the Nice Caddie Golf Laser Rangefinder—an advanced and precision-engineered device designed to enhance your golfing experience. Elevate your game with this state-of-the-art rangefinder that provides accurate distance measurements, ensuring you make confident and informed decisions on the golf course.

Key Features:

  1. Pin-Seeker Technology:

    • The Nice Caddie Golf Laser Rangefinder is equipped with Pin-Seeker technology, allowing you to accurately measure the distance to the flagstick. Lock onto the target and get precise readings for confident shots.
  2. Fast and Accurate Measurements:

    • Experience fast and accurate distance measurements with the laser technology incorporated into this rangefinder. Know the exact distance to hazards, bunkers, and greens with a simple press of a button.
  3. Range of Measurement:

    • This rangefinder provides a wide range of measurement, ensuring versatility on the golf course. From short putts to long drives, it caters to the needs of golfers at all skill levels.
  4. Compact and Lightweight Design:

    • The Nice Caddie Rangefinder boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry in your golf bag or pocket. Its portability ensures convenience without adding bulk to your golfing gear.
  5. Clear Optics and Display:

    • The rangefinder features clear optics and a bright display, providing a clear view of your target and the measured distance. Enjoy a crisp and vivid view through the eyepiece.
  6. Water-Resistant Construction:

    • Built to withstand the elements, this rangefinder features a water-resistant construction. Golf confidently, even in challenging weather conditions, knowing your device is protected.
  7. Easy One-Button Operation:

    • Simplify your golf game with the easy one-button operation of this rangefinder. Quickly measure distances without distractions, allowing you to focus on your swing and strategy.
  8. Multifunctional Mode:

    • The rangefinder offers a multifunctional mode, allowing you to switch between measuring distances and scanning the landscape. Adapt to different scenarios on the golf course with ease.
  9. Long Battery Life:

    • Enjoy long-lasting performance with the efficient battery life of this rangefinder. Spend more time on the course and less time worrying about recharging or changing batteries.
  10. Carrying Case Included:

    • The Nice Caddie Golf Laser Rangefinder comes with a convenient carrying case, providing protection during transportation and storage. Keep your rangefinder secure and ready for action.


EAN 8809169 422942
COLOR White & Black
ORIGIN Designed in Korea. Made in China.
PRODUCT SIZE 5 x 3.75 x 3 in PRODUCT WEIGHT 12.8 oz


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