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Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer Cyan (KT002683)

Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer Cyan (KT002683)

Introducing the Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer in Cyan—a stylish and efficient kitchen tool designed to simplify your food preparation. With its sleek design and bio-friendly materials, this slicer brings both functionality and a touch of elegance to your culinary experience.

Key Features:

  1. Bio-Friendly Cyan Design:

    • The Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer features a vibrant Cyan color, adding a pop of freshness to your kitchen. Crafted from bio-friendly materials, it aligns with eco-conscious values while providing a visually appealing addition to your kitchen tools.
  2. Efficient Slicing Technology:

    • Experience efficient and precise slicing with the advanced technology incorporated into this slicer. From fruits and vegetables to cheese and more, achieve uniform slices effortlessly.
  3. Durable Construction:

    • Built to withstand the demands of daily kitchen use, the Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer boasts a durable construction. The high-quality materials ensure longevity and consistent performance.
  4. Ergonomic Handle:

    • The ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to slice through ingredients with ease. Enjoy a fatigue-free slicing experience, even during extended food preparation sessions.
  5. Sharp Stainless Steel Blade:

    • The slicer is equipped with a sharp stainless steel blade that effortlessly cuts through various foods. The precision of the blade ensures clean and smooth slices every time.
  6. Versatile Kitchen Tool:

    • This slicer is versatile enough to handle a variety of slicing tasks in the kitchen. Whether you're preparing salads, garnishes, or snacks, the Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer is a reliable companion.
  7. Easy to Clean:

    • Cleaning is a breeze with the Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer. Simply rinse it under running water or toss it in the dishwasher for quick and convenient cleanup. The easy-to-maintain design adds to the overall efficiency of the slicer.
  8. Compact Storage:

    • The compact size of this slicer makes it easy to store in your kitchen drawer or utensil holder. Its space-saving design ensures that it's always within reach when you need it.
  9. Bio-Friendly Materials:

    • Peneil prioritizes sustainability with bio-friendly materials used in the construction of this slicer. Make an eco-conscious choice for your kitchen tools without compromising on quality.
  10. Cyan Elegance:

    • The Cyan color adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. Elevate your cooking experience with a slicer that not only performs well but also looks stylish on your countertop.


SKU: KT002683
EAN: 8804694 002683

PRODUCT SIZE: 16.3 x 4.13 x 0.88 in
MATERIAL: Stainless steel, plastic
ORIGIN: South Korea

COLOR: Cyan blue

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Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer Cyan (KT002683)
Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer Cyan (KT002683)
Peneil Bio Singsing Slicer Cyan (KT002683)
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