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Giant Original Fruit Knife & Knife Cover 4.5"

Giant Original Fruit Knife & Knife Cover 4.5"

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Introducing the "Giant Original Fruit Knife & Knife Cover 4.5"" – a dynamic duo designed to bring precision and style to your fruit preparation endeavors. Crafted with quality materials and a distinctive design, this fruit knife, accompanied by a protective cover, ensures a delightful and efficient kitchen experience.

Key Features:

1. Perfectly Sized Blade: The Giant Original Fruit Knife features a perfectly sized 4.5-inch blade, striking the ideal balance between versatility and precision. This size is ideal for various fruit preparation tasks, from slicing to peeling.

2. High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade: The knife boasts a sharp and durable stainless steel blade that effortlessly glides through fruits, ensuring clean and precise cuts. The high-quality construction guarantees reliable performance over time.

3. Protective Knife Cover: The accompanying knife cover adds an extra layer of protection and convenience. Safely store your knife when not in use, preventing accidents and maintaining the blade's sharpness for prolonged use.

4. Versatile Fruit Preparation: From apples to kiwi, this fruit knife is designed for versatility. Its sharp blade and nimble size make it an indispensable tool for various fruit preparation tasks, allowing you to create culinary masterpieces with ease.

5. Ergonomic Handle Design: The ergonomic handle is designed for comfort during extended use. Its contours provide a secure and comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue and enhancing your overall cutting experience.

6. Portable and Convenient: The compact size of both the knife and its cover makes them highly portable. Take this duo with you on picnics, camping trips, or simply keep it in your kitchen for convenient and on-the-go fruit preparation.

7. Easy to Clean: Cleaning is a breeze with the stainless steel blade, ensuring hygienic food preparation. The knife cover adds an extra layer of convenience, preventing accidental cuts and making storage and cleanup hassle-free.

8. Eye-Catching Original Design: The "Giant Original" series is renowned for its unique and eye-catching design. This fruit knife continues the tradition, adding a touch of style to your kitchen collection.

9. Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted with durability in mind, the Giant Original Fruit Knife and Knife Cover are built to withstand regular use. The quality materials and construction ensure that this duo remains a reliable kitchen companion.

Upgrade your fruit preparation with the Giant Original Fruit Knife & Knife Cover 4.5" – a stylish, efficient, and protective set that combines form and function to make your kitchen tasks a joy.


SKU: KK10056K
EAN: 8807775 100568
MATERIAL: Stainless steel, plastic
ORIGIN: South Korea

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