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Refrigerator Handle Cover Blue

Refrigerator Handle Cover Blue

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Introducing the Refrigerator Handle Cover—a simple yet essential accessory designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of your kitchen appliances. Crafted with care and practicality in mind, these handle covers offer protection, comfort, and a stylish touch to your refrigerator handles.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality Material:

    • The handle covers are made from premium-quality, durable fabric that is soft to the touch. Experience a comfortable grip every time you open your refrigerator, while also providing a protective layer for the handles.
  2. Set of Two for Convenience:

    • The set includes two handle covers, allowing you to protect both the refrigerator and freezer handles. Coordinate the covers to match your kitchen decor or mix and match for a personalized look.
  3. Easy to Install and Remove:

    • Slip the handle covers easily over your refrigerator handles without any need for tools or complicated installation. The covers are designed for a secure fit, and they can be effortlessly removed for cleaning or replacement.
  4. Hook and Loop Closure:

    • The covers feature a convenient hook and loop closure that ensures a snug and secure fit around the handles. This design not only provides stability but also allows for easy adjustment and removal.
  5. Protects Against Wear and Tear:

    • Shield your refrigerator handles from daily wear and tear, scratches, and fingerprints. The handle covers act as a barrier, preserving the appearance of your appliance handles and extending their lifespan.
  6. Machine Washable:

    • Keep your kitchen clean and hygienic by easily tossing the handle covers into the washing machine. Maintain a fresh and tidy kitchen with covers that are quick and simple to clean.


SKU: HO602257
EAN: 9075551 602257
PACKAGE SIZE: 6 x 13.8 in
MATERIAL: Polyester

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