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Korean Red Ginseng Honey - (20g x 10pcs)

Korean Red Ginseng Honey - (20g x 10pcs)

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Key Features:

  1. Premium Ingredients: Our Korean Red Ginseng is carefully selected and blended with high-quality honey to create a product that embodies excellence in taste and health benefits.

  2. Convenient Sachets: Each box contains 10 individual sachets, each containing 20g of the Red Ginseng and Honey blend. This makes it easy to enjoy on the go or incorporate into your daily routine.

  3. Revitalizing Properties: Korean Red Ginseng is renowned for its potential health benefits, including increased energy, enhanced cognitive function, and improved overall well-being. The addition of honey provides a natural sweetness that complements the ginseng flavor.

  4. Versatile Usage: The sachets are versatile and can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Simply mix the contents with hot water to create a soothing tea or add it to your favorite beverages for a unique and invigorating twist.

  5. Traditional Wisdom: Korean Red Ginseng has a rich history of use in traditional Korean medicine. We bring you the essence of this wisdom in a modern and convenient form.

  6. Individually Sealed: Each sachet is individually sealed to ensure freshness and maintain the integrity of the ginseng and honey blend. Experience the full potency with every serving.

  7. Natural Sweetness: The honey not only enhances the flavor but also adds natural sweetness without the need for additional sugars. It's a guilt-free way to indulge in the goodness of ginseng.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Hot Tea: Mix the contents of one sachet with hot water to create a comforting and revitalizing tea.

  2. Beverage Booster: Add the blend to your favorite beverages, such as smoothies, juices, or even hot cocoa, for a unique and healthful twist.

  3. On-the-Go Energy: Take a sachet with you for a quick energy boost wherever your day takes you.

  4. Gift of Wellness: Share the gift of health with loved ones by gifting them this exceptional Korean Red Ginseng with Honey blend.


EAN: 8809198 972265


PACKAGE SIZE: 13.5 x 10.13 x 1.5 in

INGREDIENTS: Red Ginseng, Honey

ORIGIN: South Korea

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