KSR Tradings, Inc. d/b/a KEY Company

KSR Tradings, Inc. d/b/a KEY Company (“The Company”) is a proud partner of the Customs‐Trade Partnership Against Terrorism ("CTPAT") program. CTPAT is a U.S. government‐business initiative managed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) agency. Created shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks, the CTPAT program’s objectives are to mitigate risk in international supply chains and improve border security from activities such as terrorism, drug trafficking, human smuggling, and contraband smuggling. As a certified CTPAT partner since 2016, The Company has contributed to our nation’s efforts in the war against terrorism and remains dedicated to providing more secure supply chains for our customers, suppliers, and employees.

The Company is committed to promoting a culture of compliance and security within The company. In addition to complying with regulatory mandates, it is the policy of The Company to:

  • Implement and maintain procedures, policies, and practices in line with the CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria.
  • Cooperate with CBP and other law enforcement agencies in their efforts to better manage supply chain and border security.
  • Provide security training and guidance for company employees.
  • Provide a safe environment for employees, customers, vendors, and others.
  • Promptly investigate any suspicious or illegal event related to a breach in cargo security and notify the proper authorities.
  • Regularly assess, review, and update the company’s security procedures, policies, and practices.

While some may question how big of an impact one company like The Company can make, it is ultimately the collective effort of every CTPAT partner that truly makes a difference in making our country safer and stronger. As such, The company expects every employee to do his or her part to ensure that all security procedures and policies are followed.


Kwang E. Yi

Chief Executive Officer
KSR Tradings, Inc.