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Korean Red Ginseng Tea - Granule Box Packaging - 3,000mg x 50pcs

Korean Red Ginseng Tea - Granule Box Packaging - 3,000mg x 50pcs

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Introducing Korean Red Ginseng Tea in Granule Box Packaging – a convenient and invigorating way to experience the full benefits of premium Korean Red Ginseng. This thoughtfully packaged tea ensures the preservation of the rich flavor and potential health advantages of red ginseng in every granule.

Key Features:

1. Premium Korean Red Ginseng: Immerse yourself in the robust and distinctive flavor of premium Korean Red Ginseng. Sourced from the finest ginseng plantations, this tea is crafted to deliver the authentic essence and potential health benefits of red ginseng.

2. Granule Form for Convenience: The granule form of the tea provides convenience without compromising on quality. Easily measure and dissolve the granules in hot water for a quick and satisfying cup of Korean Red Ginseng Tea, allowing you to enjoy its benefits on the go.

3. Box Packaging for Freshness: The granules are meticulously packaged in a box to preserve their freshness and potency. This packaging ensures that each cup of tea delivers the full, rich taste and potential health advantages of Korean Red Ginseng.

4. Traditional and Invigorating Flavor: Korean Red Ginseng is celebrated for its deep and invigorating flavor profile. Whether you prefer your tea straight or with a touch of honey, the granule form allows for a versatile brewing experience while maintaining the traditional essence of red ginseng.

5. Potential Health Benefits: Korean Red Ginseng is known for its potential health benefits, including increased energy, immune system support, and overall well-being. Incorporate this tea into your daily routine to experience the holistic advantages of red ginseng.

6. Convenient Serving Size: The granules offer a precise and convenient serving size, allowing you to tailor your tea to your preference. Enjoy a cup in the morning, during a break, or as a comforting ritual in the evening.

7. Suitable for Hot or Cold Brewing: Embrace the flexibility of enjoying this tea hot or cold. Whether you prefer a warm cup during colder seasons or a refreshing iced tea in the summer, the granules dissolve easily, providing a versatile and enjoyable beverage experience.

8. Ideal for Daily Enjoyment: Korean Red Ginseng Tea in Granule Box Packaging is perfect for daily enjoyment. Elevate your tea-drinking routine with this convenient and healthful option, allowing you to experience the richness of red ginseng at any time.


UPC: 4582100 926184
BOX CONTAINS: 3,000mg x 50 Bags
PACKAGE SIZE: 5.6 x 2.4 x 6.7 in
ORIGIN: South Korea

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