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    Tailored service and experience to meet individual needs and the uniqueness of each customer's business.

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    Ensure customers have access to high-quality and popular items and offer a wide range of product categories

  • Cost-Saving Advantages

    Leverage strong buying power to secure volume discounts on extensive selection of over 1,000 items from various brands

KEY Company embraces the public wholeheartedly, making access easy without any membership fees. With our simple registration process, you'll unlock a treasure trove of over 1,000 items at reasonable prices.

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1. Register

During registration, we ask for you to submit a resale certificate. This is required for U.S customers that want tax exemption in the U.S. Download a resale form required by your state and upload to your registration. If you're a non profit or individual buyer, you can still purchase from us as long as your order exceeds the minimum. Once you've registered, you'll be able to save your shopping cart, create support tickets, & submit orders.

2. Order

Before submitting your order, upload your resale certificate into your account to avoid delays in shipping. Once we receive your order, a sales representative will be assigned to your account and provide you with payment and shipping details.

3. Payment

We accept all forms of payment including cash, credit cards, ACH, and wire transfer. For more information about payments, call: 323-780-8808

4. Delivery or Pickup

Our customers benefit from free freight quotes and booking at discounted rates throughout the U.S. If you're shipping international or prefer to use your own carrier, pickup is free from our distribution centers in Los Angeles.

Inventory Information

Inventory is stored at our warehouses in California. Inventory amounts can change quickly due to market conditions.

Products are sold by the case as packaged from the manufacturer. The amount of units per case can be found on the item listing. Some products come assorted ex: (multiple colors, designs, or sizes).

Contact us for any inquiries!